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Country in focus. Why Study in New Zealand?

Over the last decade or two, New Zealand has become a popular destination for Indian students looking to study abroad. Friendly, peaceful, safe and welcoming, New Zealand has emerged as the perfect destination for international students to pursue further education. Furthermore, the immigration-friendly laws and the abundance of career opportunities have catapulted New Zealand to the fore of the most attractive countries to study in, along with the United States, the United KingdomCanada and Australia. New Zealand offers its students the complete package – well-reputed universities, high quality of life, comparatively low cost of living, diverse communities, vibrant cities, ideal weather, unrivalled natural scenery and most important – career opportunities.

New Zealand boasts of 8 national universities (all of which feature in the QS world university rankings 2015/16) and 16 polytechnic institutes that cumulatively offer a wide array of under-graduate and post-graduate degrees, diplomas and certificates covering most subject areas. Most universities in New Zealand accept 15 years of education as the basic requirement for post-graduation in a related field. There are several study options available for the students, which allows them to comfortably complete their courses and also work simultaneously. Another major factor is that there are several scholarships and funding options available to the meritorious, as a part of New Zealand’s efforts to attract the most brilliant minds to study and work within its shores.

The academic calendar in New Zealand traditionally runs from March to November, however certain courses begin in July. The qualifications offered by the universities are recognised globally and are highly sought-after by employers. The courses are structured and delivered in a manner that allows one to go beyond the subject matter and become confident and acritical thinker. One pays for the education, but receives much more than just classroom experience.

Most of the universities and polytechnic institutes can be found in the cities of AucklandWellingtonDunedin and Christchurch. These cities are often busting with international students experiencing the New Zealand way of life. In fact, all the above-mentioned student cities and Auckland in particular, are ranked highly in the QS Student Cities Index, which ranks the most attractive cities for students to study in globally.

On the career front, there are several opportunities available for students both during and post their courses in the form of internship and full-time opportunities. All the universities have career assistance departments that help the students find the ideal employment. The turn of the millennium has seen several global conglomerates establish their presence in the island country. This has automatically increased the continuous demand for more qualified individuals – which the comprehensive education system in New Zealand enables you to become.

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